1. Please reach the location at the reporting time.

2. Rules will be explained by the umpires for the day.

3. Please take care of your valuables.

4. Fees includes turf charges, cricket equipment (Bat, ball and stumps), Umpire, Scorer.

Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable, please reach out in case of

unavailability for a booked slot.

5. We play with sportsman spirit and any behavior contrary to this (example: Use of abusive

language) shall not be accepted and would lead to disqualification of the player.

6. Please install the Cricpartner app and join the team on the app prior to the match.

7. Participation is voluntary and players must ensure they are medically fit to play.

8. With participation, it is agreed to be a part of Photos and Videos that may be taken by

CricPartner and be used on Social Media.

Game rules:

• Teams will be made and captains will be appointed by the organizers.

• Duration of the slot shall be 2.5 hours where at least 3 games will be played.

• Toss will happen after each game.

• Each player will get opportunity to actively participate in the game.

Top 3 batsmen must be different in each game and Bowling over limits shall be defined

at the start of the game.

• 3 games of 10 overs each will be played.

• Game will be on throw bowling, extra pace is not allowed (A dead-ball for extra pace

bowled shall be declared by the umpire without any warning).

• If the fielder is in contact with any part of boundary while collecting the ball, boundary/

six shall be awarded to the batsman.

• Match will be played with a medium hard tennis ball.

• All international rules will be followed except for LBW, Bye and leg byes.

• Umpires decision will be final.

• There is no prize money, medals shall be awarded to the best performers (Decision as

per stats on Cricpartner).